Logo &
Graphic Design


If you can pay someone overseas $5 for a logo design,
why use a local graphic design studio?

The are many reasons, but let’s focus on two ‘strategy’ and ‘copyright’.

Cheap logo design services consist of overseas freelancers, who will design your logo as quickly as possible.
They spend little time or thought into the design of your logo. So you end up with a logo that won’t have anything to do with your brand, or your product/service.

A successful logo design starts with a ‘strategy’. We don’t just design. We ask questions, we design logos with your target market in mind.

When using overseas design services, the biggest risk you face is ‘copyright’ infringement.
Cheap mass-produced logo designs are often made from pieces of other company logos and these elements are copyrighted. Even if you didn’t know, the owners of those elements can take legal action or force you stop using your brand. Which means you will need to start over again.

We have spent many years helping businesses like yours stand out from their competitors.
Our experience is clear in every logo and graphic design project we complete.

A Logo Design is your Identity

A logo is a visual shortcut to who you are. It identifies a company or product via the use of a mark or symbol and establishes your identity and credibility.

You invest in your branding every time your logo is on display. Whether it be on a web page, a sign, or in an advertisement.
A professionally designed logo enables you to be immediately recognizable.

The best logos are elegantly simple. Having a logo that works well in a variety of media is essential to your brand’s ability to connect with your target market. Look better than your competitors, and be memorable.


Stress-free Graphic Design

We understand that when you work with a graphic design Perth studio you want it to be a smooth and supportive process.
Instead of frustrating and stressful one, creative imagery are here to help.

Our team has years of corporate branding development experience, ranging from creative concepts to executing marketing campaigns. We pride ourselves on being more than just a graphic design studio. We provide a smooth and supportive process with art direction and branding experience to help lead you in the right direction.


Below is a guide on how long some branding items take to design.

Overtime the more design work we do for you, the faster we get, as we will have all your branding items (logo files, style guide etc) in our system.

•    Business card design: approx. 1-2 hours
•    Letterhead or with compliments slip design: approx. 1-2 hours
•    DL flyer (double sided): approx. 2-4 hours
•    A4 flyer (double sided): approx. 2-4 hours
•    A4 or A3 poster design: approx. 2-4 hours
•    Multiple page brochure designs: approx. 1 hour per page
•    Pull up banner design: approx. 2-3 hours

A set fee can be set on most projects, but terms & conditions apply*

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our logo and graphic design Perth services, we’d love to hear from you…