About Us

A corporate branding Perth based studio, creative imagery was established in 2003 by partners Emma Nicholas (B.A. Arts & Design) and Mark Anthony (Adv.Dip. Design/Multimedia).

During our time we have had the advantage of working with a wide variety of clients from both small start up businesses to large international brands. This experience has provided us with the ability to become extremely versatile, adapting specific creative skills to execute each brief with knowledge and expertise.

Creative Imagery has been afforded the unique privilege of building new brands from the ground up, launching them into the marketplace as well as working with established brands to provide fresh ideas to entice the target market to rediscover them.

The creative imagery team offers years of corporate branding development experience, ranging from creative concepts, print production to executing marketing campaigns.

The Creative Imagery Brand Evolution

Our brand emerged as a versatile chameleon, adapting to a constantly changing environment, offering branding and art direction solutions to our diverse range of clients.

After 10 years in the industry our chameleon “Cecil” has evolved into to a corporate identity whilst maintaining the characteristics of Cecil’s tail in our branding.

Creative Imagery has continually increased its strength and capabilities to be where it currently stands today. We have an outstanding team of talented people and apply a fresh philosophy to marketing and graphic design adapting to the ever changing face of marketing mediums.

Making Your Life Easier

We understand that when you use a corporate branding studio you want it to be a smooth and supportive process instead of frustrating and stressful one. We pride ourselves on being a full service corporate branding studio that offers a wide range of cost effective business marketing solutions delivered promptly and professionally.

When working with the team at Creative Imagery a client will soon discover that we become a right arm in his or her own organisation. Our aim has always been to build long term relationships with our clients and over time watch both our businesses grow together.