Business Card Etiquette Rules to Remember.

by creativeimagery | May 18, 2018

Business Card Etiquette Rules to Remember.

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When handing out business cards, so many business owners make the mistake of underestimating their importance. 

The people you give your business card to will form a first impression within seconds of receiving it. That first impression could have the potential to make or break a business deal.

Business cards provide more than just contact details. They represent you and your company. When you’re representing yourself for the first time, you want to make sure that impression is a good one.


Business Card Etiquette Rules to Remember.

Yes, there is such a thing as business card etiquette when networking. So how much do you know about business card etiquette?

1. Make sure you always carry enough business cards on you.

Networking opportunities can arise at any moment. Don’t be caught without any business cards, as it is a bit embarrassing to have to write your name and number on a piece of paper to give to a potential client.

2. Always keep your cards up-to-date.

The cost of printing business cards is so inexpensive these days that it is inexcusable to have to write corrections on the card, or verbally tell everyone you give your card to that the phone number or address has changed.

3. Do not offer your business card randomly.

Keep in mind that you should never try to hand out cards to all attendees as if you are offering candy to trick-or-treaters. Slipping a business card in the hand of someone who is having a conversation with another person is a very rude gesture that you should never resort to.

4. Give your card to those who ask for it. Ask for their card in return.

By exchanging cards with someone, you gain access to his or her contact information. This means that you have the chance to follow up with an email or a phone call. You could also follow them on social media or land on their website.

5. Show Appreciation

Be sure to read the card when your contact gives it to you. Also, take care when storing it. Show that it is valuable to you and appreciate the time and effort your contact took to make it.

6. If you are working with overseas clients.

Always try to learn the basics of foreign customs regarding presenting yourself and the exchange of business cards before traveling overseas. It’s very easy to make a bad first impression on other cultures if you’re not prepared. It only takes a few minutes to make an effort and read up about it!

If you are really on the ball, you will have one side of your business card printed in the language of the country you are visiting. This shows that you are serious about doing business there, and makes a good impression on your potential client.

Remember there’s a lot more to business cards than just handing someone a piece of paper with your contact details on them.

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